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Book Hong Kong hotel accommodation near Hong Kong's famous harbor. Online internet bookings for hotels in Hong Kong via the links below which show photos of hotels in Hong Kong doorway to China. Most hotels in Hong Kong have a Chinese restaurant in or nearby.  Sort the list of Hong Kong hotels below by 3, 4, or 5 star ratings or price. There are large multistorey shopping centres near Hong Kong hotels.

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Discounted listings for members of the Hong Kong hotel association. Information and online internet bookings for hotel accommodation in and near Hong Kong harbour.

The best travel tip for Hong Kong is use a map and compas and the cheap tram and underground / under Victoria Harbour train system. The train from the Hong Kong International Airport to "Hong Kong Train Station" is fast and cheap.  Hong Kong station is near "Central Station" which connects under water to nearby Kowloon.  Hong Kong is made up of 3 provinces:

  • Hong Kong Island

  • New Territories

  • Kowloon

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